Font visibility: “Nin Nin! Publishing the analysis results of "Visualization"


"Nin Nin! "Gozaru" is a free app provided by the experimental virtual city "MOJICITY" that allows you to experience the visibility of fonts while enjoying it like a game.
In order to evaluate and improve the performance of fonts based on knowledge such as research on fonts, we will collect data widely from the general public and release it in June 2022 for the purpose of using it for development. rice field.
One year after its release, we will publish the current analysis results that have been used by many people.

Ningning! Visually

Game description

It is divided into 10 games per play, and 3 characters are lined up at the bottom of the screen for each game. One of them will be displayed in the center panel in a processed state. The player identifies which of the three letters it is. The more accurately and quickly identified, the better the results.

character processing

The characters displayed on the center panel of each game are processed in 10 ways, assuming various situations that can occur on a daily basis.
*Some include unusual situations

Font visibility

When we look at characters, we first see them as "images", recognize them as "symbols", and convert them into "characters" in our minds. People who don't know hiragana may recognize it as a symbol, but it can't be converted to characters, so they just see it as an image.

The displayed font affects the conversion time from this "image" to "character". This is considered the legibility of the font, and the legibility of the font affects the player's results.
When playing, if you hit a font with high visibility, you can expect a good record, but if you hit a font with low visibility, you will unfortunately not get good results.
One typeface is automatically selected from our fonts when the player starts playing. The fonts used in all 10 games are the same. So when you start playing, the factors that have a big impact on the outcome will be determined.


Play results are recorded on our server for each player (personal information is not included). Data for one player is called a record. Since one font is selected at the start of the game, the font name is recorded in the record. And the results of 10 games will be recorded.
Each game is recorded in a record as follows.

Sorting records

Players aim to speed up the time to answer, so they tend to have more incorrect answers. Records with too many incorrect answers affect the analysis results, so we selected records that answered 7 or more questions correctly as records that could be analyzed.
As for "why are there 7 questions?", I thought that 1/3 of the answers would be correct if the answers were chosen appropriately, and if the remaining half were correct, the analysis would be possible. In other words, "1/3 + (1-1/3) ÷ 2 = 2/3" is correct, and "10 x 2/3 = 0.66" is rounded up to 7 questions.

Physical attribute measurement

The difference in font shape can be indicated numerically. Since the font is designed in a rectangle of 1000 x 1000 units, the area and the center of gravity can be calculated from the coordinate values. This time, we measured the "black area", "face area" and "center of gravity".

Since the contour lines of all characters can be represented by a formula, we calculated each and took the average value and used it as the value for each font.

result of analysis


In analyzing the play results, we focused on two results.
・Percentage of correct answers
・Answer time
in short, Whether the "correct answer rate" and "response time" change depending on the font was analyzed.

Correct answer rate

There was no relationship between font and percentage of correct answers. In other words, it seems that the correct answer rate does not change because the font has changed for the player.
However, the correct answer rate for each game is different. Compared to "grow" and "enlarge", the percentage of correct answers for "explode" and "churning" is not high. In addition, in "Explode", the percentage of correct answers for "Kanji" tends to be lower than for other character types.

response time

Response time was associated with:

・"Enlarging" game and dark area
There is a negative correlation between "bigger" games and black areas. In other words, the larger the overall black area, the faster the response time. However, if the black area is too large, the response time will be slow.

・ "Mask comes off" game and dark area
There is a positive correlation between "unmasked" games and black areas. In other words, the larger the black area as a whole, the slower the response time.

・ Raglan Punch UB
"Raglan Punch UB” was the font with the slowest response time.

Through this analysis, we found that interesting information can be obtained. As the number of records increases in the future, new discoveries may be made. In that case, we will disclose the information to everyone in this way. Based on the results of the analysis, we also replace the in-game fonts as needed.

From now on, "Nin Nin! We hope you will enjoy "Visibility".

At MOJICITY, “Nin Nin! In addition to "Gozaru", we have released various applications related to moji.

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