Monthly MdN December 2017 issue LETS trial coupon code


Monthly MdN December 2017 issue LETS trial coupon code

MdN December 2017 issue Trial coupon code

Released on November 6th, the monthly MdN December 2017 issue (features: Yasuhisa Kawatani, creator of love book covers) featured an Advertisement on Table 4 (back cover).

You can get the code of the coupon that you can try all the fonts of Fontworks "LETS" in this Advertisement from the following.

Coupon code: 00611WWPK

Coupon code: 00611WWPK

< Application period >

From November 6, 2017 (Mon) to December 25, 2017 (Mon)

* If you apply within the above period, you can try LETS typeface for one month after application.

< Typefaces that can be used >

All typefaces provided by the annual flat-rate font service "LETS"

How to use coupon

How to use coupon
1. Use the coupon code above for Fontworks "LETS Site" application page Register at.

LETS site application page:

2. After registration, an email with the following subject will be sent from Fontworks.

Subject: (Automatic delivery) Guidance on completing FontWorks "LETS" procedures

3. Please install the font according to the usage method described in the email.

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