[note] The magic of fonts! Book "Dictionary of Words that Express Feelings"


The attractiveness of the font skill seen in the design of the book "The Dictionary of Words that Express Feelings"!

The Dictionary of Words that Express Feelings, published by Natsume Publishing, is a book that contains various words related to emotions and introduces them in an easy-to-understand manner.

The font used for the title of this book is "Tsukushi ANA Marugo L", and the Heading that appears in the book is "Tsukushi B MaruGothic". All of them have been chosen to have a tasteful round Gothic typeface.

We asked Manami Umezu of Natsume Publishing Co., Ltd., who was in charge of editing, and designer Makoto Hayashi about how this book was planned and how it was reflected in the selection and design of the typeface. I tried.

For details, please see the Fontworks official note.

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