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Tokyo Lithmatic Co., Ltd. is a service bureau with 25 stores in Tokyo and Osaka. We are aiming to be a service bureau that meets the various demands of everyone, by expanding the "Digital Plaza" and "Communication Plaza" that were created to meet the growing demand for business content, not just as an output shop.
In addition, from November 2002, all centers will support the output of OpenType fonts.

There is no hassle from "introduction" to "operation" of fonts ── That is a big attraction.

Currently, Tokyo Lithmatic offers 25 service bureaus in Tokyo and Osaka. We believe that being able to receive the same service at all stores is a major premise for using our company with peace of mind, and we have established a system to provide high-quality services. Furthermore, we always support the latest technology.

Of course, with regard to fonts, we believe that "there are no restrictions on the typefaces that customers use", and we continue to support the typefaces of all manufacturers. Recently, all stores also support "OpenType fonts".
However, the cost of fonts is not cheap. Not only the introduction cost, but also the operational and management issues were a headache.
Therefore, with "LETS" introduced this time, not only "significant reduction" in cost but also the installation time and effort are not a big attraction for us.

Installation is much easier because it is a CD-only installation method that does not use floppy disks.
Especially, since "multiple typefaces can be installed at once", it is nice that the operator on site does not have to be tidy during the installation, because the burden on the operator is light. Of course, the cost for installation is also reduced for the company.

Also, until now, Font managed a huge number of floppy disks for each model.
For example, every time we change the model of Mac or RIP, we send a floppy disk to the manufacturer and exchange for font replacement. This was also a tough task, but with LETS, it is also a great merit that it is possible to immediately respond (reinstall) even if the machine crashes or is replaced. In addition, at the time of introducing a new RIP, our company may pre-install fonts and ship them to each store, so it is possible to operate immediately without having to replace the fonts. What's more, unlike purchasing a Packaging it is a license contract, which makes "serial management easy and easy" and does not require space for a large number of Packaging.

Even if a new typeface is released by Fontworks in the future, "additional cost" will not be incurred, and the font data CD will automatically arrive at the time of release, so immediate output support is also available to our customers. That would be an advantage.

From a technical point of view, one of the advantages is that CID fonts can be installed in the new native environment of Mac OS X.

For us, "LETS" is a program that has great appeal and merit.

Company Info

Company name Tokyo Lithmatic Co., Ltd.
URL http://www.lithmatic.co.jp/

Tokyo Lithmatic Co., Ltd. supports the output of "LETS".
Please request with confidence.

Tokyo Lithmatic Co., Ltd. does not sell App or fonts. To join the "LETS" program or purchase products, please contact the retailer with whom you have business.
Contact Us and place an order.

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