Font weight reduction tool GlyfPick

Embedded system

GlyfPick is utility software that extracts only the characters to be used from the base font data and newly generates a font file (subset font) containing only those characters. The data capacity can be significantly reduced, and it is effective for embedding outline fonts in environments where capacity is limited.


  • I want to build it into a device with limited capacity.

Main points of the font weight reduction tool "GlyfPick"

A system that provides an optimal environment for using fonts in business with limited data capacity


Very easy to use

Flow of Subset Font Generation on GlyfPick

  1. Specify the character to use from the character you want to use

  2. Pick up only the characters you want to use from the underlying font file

  3. A subset font consisting of only the minimum required characters is generated.

Comparison of font capacity before and after using GlyfPick

before use after use
Typeface Font name Font capacity word count New font capacity
Angular gothic Rodin DB 2.4MB 150 characters 376 KB
Mincho type Matisse DB 6.5MB 150 characters 425KB
Round gothic Seurat over M 3.9MB 150 characters 393KB
Subtitle typeface New CinemaB D 6.2MB 150 characters 423 KB
Textbook Utrillo DB 7.3MB 150 characters 435KB
Hard brush Klee M 5.3MB 150 characters 412KB
Catch font Dot gothic 16-M 1.7MB 150 characters 368KB
Chikushi typeface Tsukushi Gothic H 3.7MB 150 characters 392 KB
  • All fonts are extracted from LETS TrueType fonts. Even with the same number of characters, the capacity changes depending on the glyph used.

Specifications summary

Program operating environment Mac OS 10.6 ~ / Windows 7 ~
Target font Fontworks OpenType font
Fontworks TrueType font
Character designation
Text file format
Number of characters that can be read Maximum 3,000 characters

Flow until contract

  1. Hearing
  2. Quote
  3. Contract conclusion / application
  4. Delivery / inspection

Hearing content

  • Contract type (annual renewal / out of purchase)
  • Type and number of fonts you want to use
  • Whether customization is required (full customization / partial customization / as is)
  • Whether you need to rent