FW layout engine

Embedded system

An engine for correctly displaying languages with complicated display rules such as Thai, Arabic, and Hebrew on embedded devices. Provided in C language source code.


  • I want to display the words in complicated typesetting neatly and correctly.

Main points of FW layout engine

CPU / OS non-dependent

Provided in C language

Capacity 100KB

Special feature


Provides bidirectional text display.


Change the glyphs according to the situation so that the letters are written correctly.

Prohibition processing

We will revise it at the appropriate place according to the prohibition rules for each language.

Specifications summary

Product name FW layout engine [+ FW font engine (required)]
Product price Please contact us
Language C Language
Endian Little endian / big endian
Floating point Not used
Bit width 32-bit / 64-bit
Font format OpenType
TrueType (including lightweight font Type-S)
Light font Type-XS
Character encoding UTF-8
function BiDi / Shaping / Line break (word wrap processing, prohibition processing, etc.)
CPU Independent
OS Independent
Supported Language Japanese / East Asian Language / Western / Arabic / Thai / Hebrew
Justification Left alignment / Center alignment / Right alignment
capacity 270KB

Flow until contract

  1. Hearing
  2. Quote
  3. Contract conclusion / application
  4. Delivery / inspection

Hearing content

  • Contract type (annual renewal / out of purchase)
  • Type and number of fonts you want to use
  • Whether customization is required (full customization / partial customization / as is)
  • Whether you need to rent