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The corporate theme is "new ideas and ability to execute." We aim to design, typeset, produce, plate-make, and print that will not be confused by the word DTP by gathering wisdom, performing efficient work with reduced waste.
We have prepared the latest Macintosh environment, DDCP, and B1 format output environment to build the latest network environment with optical fibers on all floors, and operate a large capacity workflow server with 2.4 terabytes × 2 at the fastest and highest state. .. Web A new server is being constructed with the aim of streamlining work using DAV, centralized data management, and online operation with designers, cameramen, editors, printing companies, etc.


Production Section 1 Shoji Shizuo

Koeisha is engaged in more than 100 publications and printed materials per month, mainly monthly magazines, magazines and books. Due to that connection, we are now making contact with many industries, from many printing and output centers to various manufacturers. In order to facilitate the interaction between the companies, not only us, but also many plate making and printing companies, the environment for editing and outputting App and fonts on the creator (production) side and the receiver (output) side is equal. I have been focusing on

This is because limiting the editing/output environment leads to improved production efficiency and trouble-free output. While this "having a common environment" is important for printing companies, it also creates a limitation of "usage within a certain frame" of each other. Efficiency and safety constrain free thinking and live suggestions. Especially for fonts, I think that tendency is prominent.

We believe that not only paper and ink, but also fonts and App are "materials" for printing and publication. Therefore, we have introduced Japanese fonts and Western fonts with more than 600 typefaces so that the work is not restricted by the lack of owned fonts. This is because it is possible not only to "output the submitted data" as it is, but also to "select and propose a typeface" according to the client's work and the target work content.

Nowadays, many font manufacturers sell many fonts, and I think it's a fact that there are fonts that are side by side or have alternative fonts. This can be said to be an "overkill". One of the sales of Fontworks' LETS, "the large number of typefaces", may be tended to be regarded as a "too bad effect" in a sense. In recent years, in addition to the large number of fonts, there is an aspect in which the amount of money is more important than the good or bad typeface.

However, I think that it is important for creators to have a typeface that they have a high degree of freedom and that they want to use because it is such an era. Fontworks "LETS" has several typefaces that you want to use. Also, a new typeface is provided every year. For example, I would like to use it in "New Rodin", "New Cezanne", "New typeface of 2002", "New typeface of 2003". There is a typeface.
In particular, the “Heading Mincho typeface” released this year is very intriguing. This typeface has an old-Styles design but is not old-fashioned, but rather "new". I'm looking forward to it because I came up with an idea that I could use it for various purposes while watching it.

I think that various types of manufacturers will continue to release good typefaces in the future. From the viewpoint of efficiency and safety, I think that limiting the typefaces used is one way, but I would like to actively use the typefaces that have been (or will be) released.

From that point, I have great expectations for the "LETS typeface" that will be released in the future.

Company Info

Company name Koeisha Co., Ltd.
Head office location 4-9-9 Iidabashi, Chiyoda-ku, Tokyo
Business description Design, typesetting, production, plate making, printing

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