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Yameshi, which is located in the southern part of Fukuoka prefecture, is famous as a tea producing area that represents Japan and also a spot where fireflies can be seen. With a population of about 72,000, tea is a representative agricultural product of the Yame region, which has been cultivated since ancient times, and is deeply rooted in the history, traditions, lives and culture of the citizens. The tea is shaded as a symbol of this region, and with the theme of "Tea no Kuni Yame / Oku Yame", the healthiness of the tea, the Japanese emotion, and the spirit of hospitality are the key points to create a hometown where you want to continue living and tourism exchange. We are promoting.

"Stop public relations" introduced at a seminar of the Japan Public Relations Association as a "clean and easy-to-read public relations magazine". We asked Mr. Shinohara and Mr. Matsuo, who are the public relations officers of the city, who are in charge of editing the information, what they are trying to do to make important information easy to read, and the know-how realized by LETS.

Commitment to making beautiful paper

Kayo Shinohara Chief Secretary Public Relations

The merger has broadened the scope of coverage and reduced the amount of time spent editing. However, we try to provide necessary information in an easy-to-understand manner in the limited space of the public relations paper so that more citizens can read it.

First of all, the page of "Public Information Stop" is printed in two colors, but each issue is made with special attention to "color". When we merged with Kurokimachi, which is famous for wisteria flowers, we used mauve color on the page. When I saw the finished product, I remember that they were happy because the color was more beautiful than I had imagined. Also, in the current season, the new tea prayer festival is over in Yame city, and the season for tea begins. Therefore, the May issue of this year is colored brown. We are making it with the hope that the public will have a sense of the season with "no public relations".

The second is about "layouts and fonts". In "Public Information Stop", the Text is composed of 13 levels and 21 tooth widths, and filling is 30-40%. However, when the number of characters is large, we make some adjustments. For example, when a character is sent to the next paragraph, it is not aesthetically pleasing that only one character is sent at the beginning of the line, so care is taken to adjust the character spacing so that the layout is clean and easy to read. I'm always thinking that it would be beautiful if it had this kind of balance overall.

In addition, I try not to use many types of typefaces on the same page in order to create a sense of unity on the page. Specifically, in the "Citizen's Voice" section, "Citizen's voice" is [Tsukushi Mincho D], and "Citizen's reply" is [Tsukushi Mincho R]. I use it to make it visually distinct. Although it is a subtle difference, it is sharpened without changing the image on the paper. But I don't think citizens will notice it when they see it. (Lol)

Still, in "Public information stop", I use about 15 to 20 typefaces in addition to [Tsukushi Mincho RB] in the Text. For example, we use one-point fonts such as Heading and fonts that match the image used when introducing books and movies. Since LETS has a wide variety of typefaces, we select things that match the atmosphere on the spot, while having fun, but with particular attention. For example, in the “Childcare Support Bulletin Board” section, I use [Rodin Wanpaku] because it is an article related to children, so I think it will feel light even in Gothic style. I personally like it, so I often use it in other places, such as inside Heading.

What to expect from Fontworks in the future

Mr. Michihiro Matsuo, Secretary and Public Relations

You have a new typeface every year. I really like the [Tsukushi Old Mincho] that arrived last year. It’s really beautiful. I think that the beauty of Japanese characters is not only the kanji, but the beauty of hiragana and katakana. I would like to once compose the Text in this typeface. In addition, I also use [Humming] in various places in "Public Relations Stop" with my favorite typeface. Therefore, I am glad that the Weight variations have increased. (Mr. Shinohara)

I like Maru Gothic, so I'm interested in [Tsukushi Maru Gothic]. [Seurat] has a large font and feels a little casual, so I definitely want to use it when expressing a different image. Also, although [Tsukushi Mincho] used in the Text is supported, it would be helpful if you could make other typefaces compatible with Pr5 (Adobe-Japan1-5). By increasing the number of old typeface characters required for notation of place names and people's names, we believe that the number of choices for typefaces that can use the appropriate kanji will increase, and it will be more convenient to choose a typeface that suits each situation. (Mr. Matsuo)

LETS has many beautiful and easy-to-use typefaces, and I am very satisfied with them. I hope it will be something other than a typeface, but I would like you to record various ruled lines in the LETS Power Up Tool Kit, which contains useful tools. For example, it would be nice to have a soft ruled line drawn with a crayon instead of an art brush. I have high expectations for the future.

Mr. Michihiro Matsuo, Secretary and Public Relations
Secretary public relations
Mr. Michihiro Matsuo
< Editor's note >
The two seemed to be extremely busy due to the expansion of coverage, the increase in production, and the shortening of editing time due to the merger with neighboring municipalities. Even so, various efforts were made to convey the local information in an easy-to-understand manner to the citizens through a clean and easy-to-read page. In the story of the typeface I would like to use in the future, I was really happy to hear that he said, "I want to use it, why not use it?" Going forward, we will continue to work to further expand and develop our services so that we can utilize our fonts and tools to create a "public relations stop" page that our citizens will appreciate. Thank you for your cooperation in the interview despite your busy schedule. Thank you for your continued support. (Muta)

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