"Mojimo-manga" paper bag is too cute



An annual flat-rate service based on the concept of "just the right characters at the right price" "Mojimo" Popular among "Mojimo-manga" .

The key visuals are cute illustrations of girls and boys with a strong presence.

"Yes! Let's make a novelty using this illustration!"

Next, it's done!

It's also designed on the gusset, so it's a nice touch.

Is the word "mo" hidden?

The illustration was drawn by the illustrator Nanakawa (@ 7_kawa) With "Mojimo-manga" Your guide to Web also to the site you are allowed to use this illustration the entire surface.

By the way, in this illustration, the word "mo" of "mojimo" is hidden. Do you notice it?

By all means Web site Please look at the illustration and search for it.

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