"LETS for Server (server license)" scheduled to start service on Thursday, February 17

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"LETS for Server (server license)" that allows you to use a wide variety of high-quality LETS fonts in App running on the server.Thursday, February 17, 2022Service will start soon.

What is "LETS for Server (server license)"?

"LETS for Server (server license)" is a service that allows you to use a wide variety of high-quality LETS fonts in App running on servers.
Content users will be able to embed* fonts in documents and design outputs that are dynamically generated on the server side.

* Only a mechanism that distributes images (including PDF) on the server to the client is possible.

Features and usage scenes

・Use of fonts via App on the server

Network clients connected to the server via the Internet, LAN, or other networks can use fonts through App on the server. Even for network clients who do not have fonts, it is possible to realize a production environment with high-quality fonts through various services such as automatic typesetting systems and Web to print.

・Use for banners and printed materials

It can be used not only for digital content such as banner images, but also for printing business cards, photo books, original T-shirts, DM, production forms, etc.


  • Target: Services that use fonts through App running on server networks
  • License: 1 license for 1 service *1 The number of connected clients is unlimited
  • Provided font format: OpenType/TrueType*2
  • Contract year: 1 year renewal

*1 Even if the service (App) is for the same purpose, if a server is provided for each client, each service will be counted as one service. When using automatic typesetting servers such as InDesign servers, the number of servers is counted as the number of services.

*2 The font format provided by each LETS is different.


Service lineup

Fontworks LETS / Iwata LETS / Motoya LETS / Showa typeface LETS / YOON LETS / Hosho LETS
*MonotypeLETS server plan is a separate contract. Please contact us separately.

Provided typeface information

Please check the typeface information of various LETS for the typefaces provided.

Fontworks LETS
Iwata LETS
Motoya LETS
Showa typeface LETS
Hosei LETS

<About fonts not provided>
Fontworks LETS:
・Hangul/Simplified Chinese/Traditional Chinese/Hebrew/Arabic/Hindi fonts included in Fontworks LETS are not provided.
・ Showa typeface / Shueitai are not provided in the Fontworks LETS typeface selection plan.

Square LETS:
GB18030 and Big5 are excluded.

*Please contact us if you wish to use GB18030 or Big5 fonts.


Please choose from the following plans according to your usage situation.

・Typeface selection plan (annual fee / 1 service 1 server / 1 year)
1 typeface: 132,000 yen (tax included)
2 typefaces: 176,000 yen (tax included)
3 typefaces: 209,000 yen (tax included)
4 typefaces: 236,500 yen (tax included)
5 typefaces: 258,500 yen (tax included)
10 typefaces: 308,000 yen (tax included)
15 typefaces: 352,000 yen (tax included)

・ All typeface plan (annual fee / 1 service 1 server / 1 year)
Whole typeface: 660,000 yen (tax included)

*Please use Contact Us form to inquire about selectable fonts.
* We cannot accept changes to the typeface plan or typeface other than when renewing the license.
*To add a typeface, a new application must be made under a separate contract.
*This license provides only the fonts installed for the server. For fonts on the production side, you need to subscribe to a regular LETS separately.
*Installation fee is not included.

About inquiries and requests for quotations

We are currently accepting inquiries and requests for estimates for "LETS for Server (server license)". Please feel free to contact us.

*MonotypeLETS server plan is a separate contract. Please consult us separately.

*The service is scheduled to start on Thursday, February 17, 2022.
There is a possibility that the provision date, service content, etc. will change without notice.
Thank you for your understanding.