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Hello, this is Fukushima.

I often introduce new typefaces in "Blog", but as a font story, I will focus on the typefaces that have already been released and introduce them irregularly.

The first one is "PalRetron", which has been a hot topic since its release in July of 2019 (2019), and is now used in anime in Cool.

This article However, the "PalRetron" that I introduced has been used for many books and posters right after its release.

PalRetron is a theme of Western retro and Gothic lolita, and its unique vertical and horizontal drawings give a romantic impression, and it is decorative and glamorous, but it also has a shaded design.
If you use it for the title of light novel, catchphrase, etc., it looks very good! !

Recently found Usage

We asked Mr. Wataru Saito (chipcodesign), who designed the book "Queen of Ideally-The artificial maiden wants to breed", about the process of using PalRetron and the processing of typefaces!

"PalRetron" in the title of "Queen of Idea Lily-The artificial maiden wants to breed"
Publisher: Wave Inc.
Author: Motema
Design: Wataru Saito (chipcodesign)

History of using PalRetron

I like PalRamune originally designed by Akiko Ochi, and I definitely want to use it when PalRetron comes out! I was wondering. However, because the typeface was characteristic, it didn't quite fit the work. When I was "Queen of Idea Lily", it was a mystery work with a dark atmosphere, so I applied PalRetron and it fits the atmosphere of the illustration, so I decided to use it. ..
I often use Tsukushi Antique L Go B used for the author name and subtitle as it gives off an atmosphere.

About typeface processing

Since the artist's paintings are delicate, I make them thinner overall.
In addition, the "queen" is decorated to give it a dignified queen-like appearance, giving it a sense of logo.

A typeface that feels the charm of devilishness

Looking at Palre Roton, I feel the urge to try various characters. I even feel that the characters have magical charm.

"Witch" and "Awakening" are perfect
It is cool to flip black and white
Even "Snow White" can express a horror feeling if it is PalRetron.

On the font Fonts page of the Fontworks site, you can enter your favorite characters and share on SNS with the typeface page you care about!

Please play with your favorite typeface!

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"PalRetron" Type Designers

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